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    Roll On Lawn in Perth

    You want to make your property stand out from others in your neighbourhood, and a great way to do so is by having a unique lawn that you enjoy. At Perth Turf Supplies, it’s our pleasure to provide a range of roll on lawn varieties that you can use to quickly and easily create a yard or garden area of your choice.

    As a roll on lawn supplier for Perth, we provide roll on lawns that our customers can purchase. We have several choices, so you can choose a roll on lawn from us that matches your needs.

    We’ve been roll on lawn suppliers for Perth since 1984, and we’re dedicated to providing you with turf that can help you create the look you desire for your property. You can try out the feel of our roll on lawns by visiting our Booragoon office.

    Select Your Turf From Our Options Below

    Different turf types provide different benefits, so we supply a range of roll on turf options to give you a selection to choose from.

    For example, Empire Zoysia has a medium leaf and a deep root system that makes it drought tolerant and more suited to sunny areas. Conversely, Palmetto turf has a broader leaf and a higher tolerance for cold temperatures, making it a good choice for shady locations. Palmetto will also keep good colour during the cold seasons.

    Read below to learn about the characteristics that each type of roll on turf possesses and how you can benefit from each one. You’ll also find a list of resources below so you can learn even more about the turf we supply.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Call us on 08 9330 8787 or submit any enquiries through our convenient contact form. We’re happy to provide a quote on our products. We’ll also deliver, unload and install your roll on lawn if you require these services.


    perth turf supplies palmetto buffalo


    • A low maintenance soft leaf buffalo grass with exceptional performance
    • Stunning emerald green colouring
    • Wide-bladed soft leaves create a carpet-like appearance and feel when kept high
    • Exceptional shade tolerance and performs well in full sun areas
    • Drought tolerant due to its massive root system
    • Cold, hardy and frost tolerant, holding its winter colour longer than most alternatives
    • Recovers quickly from wear and is low in maintenance
    • Licensed, patented and certified variety


    perth turf supplies sapphire buffalo


    • Complete with a fine, soft texture compared with other buffaloes
    • Sapphire leaf folds back, giving a much finer appearance when matured
    • Grows quickly across ground, providing fast recovery from injury
    • Amazing deep green colour, staying excellent in winter
    • Drought tolerant once established due to its deep root system
    • Moderate to good shade tolerance
    • Excellent at out competing weeds once established thanks to its tight mat
    • Licensed, patented and certified variety


    perth turf supplies empire zoysia

    Empire Zoysia exhibits a unique combination of texture, proportion, colour and functionality that provides the ideal foundation to make any garden look like a work of art.

    It adapts to a wide range of soil types and requires less water than most other grasses, even in sandy soils. Its massive root system runs deep and sustains the grass through periods of drought, heavy use and harsh conditions, while providing rapid injury recovery.


    • Dark green, eye-catching colour
    • Soft-to-touch feel
    • Fine, tight blade growth
    • Excellent autumn colour retention
    • Small leaf blade of 5-7mm
    • Grows in sand, loam and clay soils
    • Excellent resistance to insects and diseases
    • Outstanding cold hardiness
    • Requires less fertiliser than buffalo and couch grass varieties
    • Easy weed control
    • Low water usage
    • Less mowing required
    • Licensed, patented and certified variety


    perth turf supplies emprees zoysia

    The Empress Zoysia is a rare selected native cultivar of Zoysia Japonica, chosen for its fine blade texture, tight growth habit, and superior colour.

    Empress is the ideal choice for applications where a fine, small leaf, soft textured turf is desired. Empress Zoysia is well suited for home lawns, golf courses, parks and sports fields.


    • Dark green, eye-catching colour
    • Soft to touch and feel
    • Fine, tight blade growth
    • Small leaf blade of 1-2mm
    • Excellent tolerance to cold
    • Good shade tolerance
    • Great resistance to wear
    • Ideal for coastal suburbs
    • Fantastic recovery rate
    • Good salt tolerance
    • Low water usage
    • Licensed, patented and certified variety


    perth turf supplies wintergreen coucho


    • A mid-emerald green couch with a fine and dense leaf
    • Requires half a day of sun, but can tolerate filtered shady areas
    • Grows through winter and retains its colour when properly fertilised
    • Very hardy and good recovery from wear
    • Good drought tolerance
    • Can be mowed with a rotary mower and is moderately resistant to scalping
    • Moderate seed head formation
    • Resistant to herbicides
    • One of the most popular couch grasses used by Perth home owners and suitable for golf courses, tennis courts, parks, school ovals and gardens.

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