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Perth Turf Supplies also have all you need when it comes to garden supplies. We understand that maintenance is important when it comes to having the perfect lawn; so we provide all you need under one roof.

Lawn care products


Amazing new water saving technology. Helps your lawn require 50% less water over summer. Aids in reducing the frequency of irrigation. Easy hose on application. Environmentally friendly. 2 litre bottle treats 150 sq metre.

Buffalo Master 200ml

For control of Bindii, Clover, Oxalis and other weeds in Buffalo (Velvet, Palmetto and Sapphire) and Couch lawns. 200ml covers 300 metres squared.

Kleen Lawn 200ml

For control of Clover and Broad Leaf weeds in Couch and Kikuyu Lawns. (Do not use on Buffalo lawns). 200ml covers 135 square metres.

Baythroid 250ml

Lawn Grub and garden insecticide. For treating lawn grub (cutworm, army worm, web worm), Adult beetle and mole crickets.

Palmetto underlay and lawn reviver

Specially formulated by leading turf growers for WA soil conditions for pre-plant or top-dressing. It acts as a slow release source of nutrients and organic matter, saving water and fertilisers. It supplies essential trace elements keeping lawn attractive and green all year round. It will also protect against yellowing and dry patch. We supply this product in 30L bags

Turf Start organic fertiliser

A slow release weed free composted fertiliser pellets. Spread evenly over the soil surface area before laying new turf. Helps to build soil structure and retain moisture and nutrients during establishment. Sold in 25kg bags which cover 150 square metres.

Aquaforce hose-on

Aquaforce is the wetting agent of choice for most large professional golf courses and playing fields throughout Western Australia. In Australia’s toughest environment Aquaforce is used to overcome water repellency and to save water. Moisture uptake and retention is enhanced around the root zone, improving plant health and vigour. Aquaforce is environmentally friendly and can continue to work for 12 months. Sold in 2 litre bottles which cover 200 square metres.


Watering Schedule to establish a new lawn:

Late Spring/Summer (hot weather periods)


0-10 days

Use 10minutes (5mm) three times a day in the morning, noon and evening. One extra watering is required if periods exceed temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius.


11-20 days

Use 10minutes (5mm) twice a day morning and noon.


21-60 days

Use 20minutes (10mm) once per day in the mornings


Over 60 days

Use 40 minutes (20mm) every second morning.

In exceptionally hot weather periods uses 20 minutes (10mm) once per day in the morning.

Early Spring/Autumn (mild weather periods)


0-10 days

Use 10minutes (5mm) twice a day in the morning and at noon.


11-20 days

Use 20minutes (10mm) once a day in the morning


21-60 days

Use 40 minutes (20mm) every second morning.

In exceptionally hot weather periods use 20minutes (10mm) once per day in the morning.


Winter (wet & cool weather periods)


0-7 days

Use 10minutes (5mm) once every day in the morning


8-20 days

Use 10minutes (5mm) once every second day in the morning.


21-60 days

Use 10minutes (5mm) once every third day in the morning

Remember if it rains turn the reticulation system off. Too much water and not enough sun can rot your grass.

If the lawn shows signs of stress (a loss of bright colour and slight wilting) then you need to give it a good deep drink of 10mm of water per day as soon as possible until it recovers.


Once your lawn is established – in excess of 60 days – revert to the following approximate watering levels:


20mm every second day


20mm every third day


20mm every fourth day


20mm every fifth day


No watering


20mm once a fortnight


20mm every fifth day


20mm every fourth day


20mm every third day


20mm every second day


Always ensure you water early in the morning usually between 5am and 8am. If windy when watering then alternate watering is recommended, one day in the morning and one day in the evening to avoid dry spots.

NOTE: For buffalo lawn in shady areas cut down watering to once every second day for 10 minutes after the first 10 days or else it will rot. Rotting is the result of too much water and not enough sun.

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